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Tools for Wellbeing

April 29, 2020

   Now, more than ever, we must develop the inner resources to meet the challenges occurring in our world. The COVID pandemic can trigger our most basic survival fears around health, mortality, and financial status. Our world as we knew it 6 weeks ago has been turned topsy turvy, leaving many well laid plans, goals, and dreams sideswiped and on hold. Now, more than ever, each of us needs additional support, caring, and community. 

   In my private practice I work with people who struggle with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, and trauma. On a daily basis I teach my clients tools – tools to help them cope with difficult emotions and, hopefully, to help them achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. I believe all of us can benefit from practicing these tools on a daily basis, and in fact, the more we incorporate them into our daily lives, the more quickly our experience of ourselves, and our lives, changes. I want more people to be able to experience and practice using these tools.

   On my office bookshelf is a picture of a cat looking into a full length mirror. The reflection back is a majestic full maned lion. May we all be like that kitty; instead of identifying with our smallness, we live into our strength, beauty, and gloriousness. As we practice these tools, we begin to catch glimpses of our power and own it, to see ourselves as more than our limitations and suffering.

   These tools are powerful if you practice them regularly. They have the power to transform your consciousness and therefore your life. When we change our consciousness we change our experience of the world. These tools have the power to change who we think we are, what we identify with, and how we perceive ourselves and the people in our lives. These tools have the power to bring transformation and to help you uncover the miracle of your life.

   In the blogs to come, I will share these tools with you and how to practice them. Tools like 2 minute Mindfulness, Working with Negative Thoughts, Cultivating Gratitude, Opening the Heart Center, and more. Practiced regularly, these tools will strengthen access to your healing wisdom within and bring more peace into your life.